How to put on a Voyeur Cam Show

How to Put on an Engaging Voyeur Cam Show

Are you a cam model looking for a new way to spice up your shows and attract more viewers? Have you considered incorporating voyeurism into your performances? Voyeurism is a fetish that’s on the rise, with fans experiencing sexual gratification from observing “unsuspecting” people, usually while they perform sexual acts. By putting on a voyeur-style … Continue Reading

Moderators on Chaturbate play a vital role in keeping your room under control and encouraging viewers to tip.

Chaturbate Moderators: What They Do And Why They’re Important

If you use Chaturbate, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Mods” or “Moderators.” You may have wondered what a moderator does on Chaturbate, what their role is and how they impact the community. As with any website that deals with sexuality, there’s bound to be some disagreement, drama, and friction. That’s where the moderators come … Continue Reading